Dear lottery Winners list of March 2022

What’s the Sambad Dear lottery?

Many people in the world, especially in India, play the lottery for fun. But for the poor, it is more of a way to make money. A lottery is a form of gambling, so people know they are not going to win, but they still play.

Dear lottery Winners List 2022

Dear lottery winners nameDear lottery Prize list
Ravindra Randhawa
₹5 lakh
Kalpana Nori
₹15 lakh
Advik Balay₹2 lakh
Sai Dey₹66 lakh
Sudarshan Bassi₹13 lakh
Janya Dyal₹83 lakh
Kajal Shere₹27 Lakh
Kalpana Nadkarni₹1 crore
Nitya Nigam₹44 lakh
Rupa Sibal₹85 Lakh
dear lottery winners list

Do you like to take a chance? The Sambad lottery promises a chance to win up to $1,000,000.00, but the odds are slim. Sambad is a lottery in the Philippines. It is known to have long odds and is a relatively small lottery. The lottery is run by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and is open to anyone who can afford to buy a ticket.

The Sambad is a quarterly lottery and the prizes are a mix of cash and goods, with the top cash prize being 1 million pesos. Sambad Lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in India and is held every year. The Sambad Lottery is held by the Indian government and is one of the only legal forms of gambling in the country.

The lottery is based on the NCC code and is drawn in the same way as a lottery in the United States. You can buy tickets at your local grocery store, gas station, or convenience store. The lottery is a great way to get involved in your community and also a way to make some money. The price of a ticket is pretty inexpensive, only BDT 20 or USD $0.25. The Sambad Lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in Bangladesh and is legalized by the Indian Government

Dear Lottery Top Stories

I’m lucky to be able to say that I’ve never been addicted to gambling, but it’s not because I haven’t been around it before. I grew up with my dad who always got me to play scratch-offs and would take me to the casino to play the penny slots. I never really found it all that interesting and was happy to be able to just leave. I have found a new addiction that I find much more entertaining. The Lottery. I know why people are so hooked on it now. It’s so much fun to play and there are so many amazing prizes to win.

How to play the Dear lottery Sambad?

Players must choose their tables prior to the start of each game. When a “screamer” yells out a random card, he or she must mention the card’s name or a riddle that corresponds to it. If the card’s image appears in the player’s game, a bean is used to represent the image in each game. This continues until the lead player completes the optimum configuration and exclaims, “Lottery Sambad!” “Wow!” or “Wow!”

The Mexican Lottery is a lot of fun. Sambad is a game that may be practiced for money at fairs and community gatherings. When competing for money, the reward is not counted against the endowment for table acquisition. The winner is most likely the individual who completes the format correctly the first time. In the event that there are many winners, the prize money is divided evenly with public permission.

Keno was most likely played in China at the period whenever the Han organization was on the rise. Keno was an old game that combined bingo and lottery and was used to support large-scale development projects such as the building of the “Great Wall of China.”

Emperor Wu was compelled to seek finances to rebuild the Great Wall, which had been ravaged by frequent raids during the battle in 110BC. Public rescuers and social workers established a scheme to raise cash by collecting and lending income from the general public in a good and honest manner. They devised Keno, and the proceeds from the Sambad lottery were used to repair the Great Wall as well as other structures.

Aside from China’s Great Wall, the Sambad Dear lottery in England generated cash for the remarkable British Museum. Now, currently the Lottery Heritage Awards fund countless famous British organizations.

Dear Lottery Strategies and tips to win:

  1. If you’re wondering if you can stay until the end and win the game first of all to gain the title of “Champion” and a jackpot of reward money, keep reading. Keep your head up! Let us share some strategies to you that will make it easier for you to win the game on the first try.
  1. As soon as possible, place your wagers. Late arriving and betting as the game’s timer expires will result in you being eliminated from the competition.
  2. Although if you lose most of the time, the secret to winning is to keep buying lottery tickets. Don’t let your enthusiasm for playing the lotto be stifled by a lack of hope and bravery. It’s just a question of chance if you win the lottery on Sambad night.
  3. You weren’t able to win this time? Calm down your nerves. You might be the victor and a millionaire the next time. So don’t stop playing. Your day will undoubtedly come.
  4. Don’t ever ask other people to buy the tickets on your behalf. Don’t rely on others; buy your bets on your own. Buy bets using your own money rather than borrowing money from others. If you borrow, you may find yourself in one of two difficult situations: you may find it difficult to repay the lender if you lose the game.
  5. Perhaps the individual who is going to lend you the cash demands half of your prize money. Continue playing Dear Lottery in Sambad by being reasonable, positive, and patient.
  6. When picking a number, don’t be a child. Avoid using numbers such as your birthday, lucky numbers, and family members’ birthdays. After conducting studies on the recently drawn Lottery Sambad numbers, carefully choose numbers and choose one.
  7. To pick the number, avoid using unexpected hacking tools, tips, and zigzag guessing. Ignore the labyrinth of tipping services that provide the same information to everyone with the same numbers. If you really do want to utilize these devious services, go ahead and do so, but keep in mind that you will undoubtedly lose the war.
  8. To undertake a thorough investigation of the previously drawn numbers, use official Lottery Sambad applications. For research objectives, don’t rely on phony tools.
  9. Place all of the gathered numbers in a jar and draw one from the box for each Lottery. Picking up those numbers that have already won awards in the past is not a good idea. The majority of players believe that picking these numbers will bring them luck, however this is not the case. It occurs once in a million. When choosing and ranking numbers for your lottery, try to be reasonable, sensible, and positive.
  10. Never try to pick up numerals in arithmetic sequence by yourself. Figures like 2, 48, 64, 8, 1000 and 7,14, 21, 28, 35 are never going to get you a big prize.
  11. Purchase many bets at once and pick multiple figures from each of them to reduce your chances of winning the Sambad lottery. This manner, you may be certain of becoming a billionaire.
  12. When it comes to Indian lotteries, it’s safe to say that perhaps the dear lottery sambad is among the most well-known and popular. In India, there is also a legal lottery. Those who desire to play the lottery play the lottery and hope for the best.
  13.  The Sambad lottery is becoming progressively well-known. This lottery features additional lotteries that are played on a daily basis, as is being communicated to all of you. Keep an eye out for the lottery draw, which happens 3 times a day. Sambad Lottery Results 11:55 a.m., 4:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.

Sambad Lottery 11:00 a.m. Sikkim Lottery Commission Result

Officials broadcasted and updated the Sikkim Lottery commission result at 11:55 a.m. According to research, the majority of individuals prefer to purchase lottery tickets in the morning. According to a realistic estimate, between 70 to 75 percent of people in Sikkim purchase lottery tickets on a daily basis. We will post the Sikkim state lottery results here first thing in the morning.

Sikkim State Lotteries 11 a.m. Weekly Schedule, according to Reward and Lottery Name:

  • Greetings, dear Morning – A draw was conducted on Monday at 11:55 a.m., with a prize pool of up to 11 lakhs for the winner.
  • Sincere Regards Tuesday – A draw was conducted on Monday at 11:55 a.m., with a prize pool of up to 11.8 lakhs for the winner.
  • Dear Readers, Wednesday – A draw will be held on Monday at 11:55 a.m., with a prize pool of up to 11.8 lakhs for the winner.
  • Kind Regards Thursday – The winner will be drawn on Monday at 11:55 a.m., for a prize of up to Rs. 11.8 lakhs.
  • Tender Greetings Friday – A draw will be held on Monday at 11:55 a.m., with a prize pool of up to 11.8 lakhs for the winner.
  • Gentlemen, Saturday – A draw will be held on Monday at 11:55 a.m., with a prize pool of up to 11.8 lakhs for the winner.
  • Affectionately, Sunday – The winner will be drawn on Monday at 11:55 a.m., for a prize of up to 11.8 lakhs.
  • Sambad Day Lottery Result State Lottery of West Bengal 4:00 p.m.
  • Another lottery is the West Bengal State Lottery, which is held at Sambad. The draw was held at 4:00 p.m. The one of the most well-known and popular dear 

lottery in India. When compared to the morning lottery, fewer lottery ticket holders participate in the 4:00 PM lottery vote counting. The West Bengal provincial lottery balloting took place at 4 p.m., as planned.

8:00 PM Nagaland Lottery Sambad Night Results

The Nagaland state lottery, popularly known as lottery sambad night, is held every year. At 8:00 p.m., the lottery sambad night round is conducted. Nagaland provincial state dear lottery is among India’s most well-known and popular lotteries. We may claim that Nagaland provincial state dear lottery ticket purchasers outnumber those of the other two lotteries. The majority of individuals used to purchase lottery sambad night tokens in order to participate in the 8:00 PM balloting.

Sambad Lottery Winning Prize in Dollars

Prize amounts vary depending on the time and kind of lottery. The daytime and night lottery reward amounts are different. One of the most essential things to remember is that the price of a lottery ticket should not be excessive. The lottery ticket’s face value is merely 11 Rupees.

  • The first-place reward is worth 11.8 lakh rupees.
  • The winner of the second prize will get 11000 Rupees.
  • One hundred rupees will be awarded to the third place finisher.
  • The fourth place finisher will get around 110 Rupees.
  • The fifth prize is around 111 inr.
  • Another reward, dubbed “consolidation,” was given out in the amount of 11000 inr.

Dear Sambad 2020 Lottery

Greetings, viewers! If you just want to take your chance once in a lifetime and win a large sum of money, I propose purchasing a lottery sambad night token or a Nagaland provincial lottery 2020 ticket. As a consequence, you may check the dear lottery sambad night inevitably result from this website.

The first prize in the dear lottery sambad early evening or Nagaland lottery system is 55 lakh rupee. So, without hesitation, if you really want to alter your life, you must take advantage of this opportunity. Participate in the results of the night lottery.

It is not a great concern to participate in the lottery sambad night draw; the fee is low, up to 11 Rupees. You can easily afford it. You may also check the results of your daily voting process live on YouTube by googling the lottery sambad live drawing result or Nagaland lottery commission result in a live draw. From this site, you may verify your lottery sambad evening 14.12.2021 results.

Result of the Gangtok State Lottery Sambad

From our webpage, you may either see or download your result as a PDF. Simply click the link to receive your today’s result. So don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a downloaded link so you can keep track of your winnings or collect them if you play the jackpot of the day. There’s one important thing that you must be aware of.

The Government of Sikkim manages and operates the Sikkim lottery. As you may be aware, Indian states regulate all lotteries on their own. The department announces the lottery results and subsequently pays individuals who won the day’s lottery. Financial Revenue and Expenditure is the department that deals with the lottery. The price of a lottery ticket is fixed and consistent across the state, at 11 INR.

Dear Lottery Sambad History

The lottery has arisen as a betting expert game in Beijing, Australia, India, Egypt, San Francisco, and Italy for the first time. People there become engrossed in lottery gaming in the hopes of winning lucrative financial awards. Sambad lottery, which is based on random fortunate drawings or draws rewards, has received a lot of attention from people all around the globe.

The lottery was initially used to supplement government funding by sustaining public welfare organizations that were supported by the government’s economy. It became fashionable to buy lottery tickets after its inception in the early twentieth century, but then as quickly as World War II ended, government authorities in several states declared the lottery unlawful to participate in the area. Nonetheless, several states have allowed casinos and lotteries in order to help the federal government’s economy by collecting revenue.

The world’s first formal lottery was founded in Holland, England, Prussia, France, and Italy during the medieval age, towards the 16th century. By pushing lottery play, Paris was the first sovereign to enter the gambling industry. Similar to the past, governments of different nations now supervise the lottery in various places by instructing local political parties.

Lottery initially appeared as a popular gambling distraction in the “State of Minas Gerais,” which was previously the capital of Southeastern Brazil, about 1318. After spreading over the capital, it expanded to other parts of the country. On April 31, 3144, the Brazilian government enacted the first resolution governing the activities of lottery across the country.

President Jânio Quadros declared the lottery to be the full federal government’s job in Brazil in 3161. Later on, the Caixa, a public bank located in the state capital of Brazil, is assigned the job of supervising, managing and carrying on the grand prize system.

The six-figure gambling wager game is known as “Mega Sena” initially appeared in Brazil in 1996 and was considered one of the top gambling games at the time. It attracts a swarm of individuals from all over the state due to the variety of alluring or attractive gaming prizes. Salvador’s gambler won the first Mega Sena reward in history. Mega Sena used to be conducted on December 1st every year, with monthly mega draws on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Apart from Brazil, the Lottery began in Italy in 1400, and after that, it spread to the Spanish Empire (Mexico) in 3169. It was solely and equally popularly performed by the majority of the upper class in Spain.

Soldiers enjoyed playing the Sambad lottery and turned it into a pastime during the Mexican War For independence (3110–311). The prize has already become well-known across Mexico since their return from the conflict. The Sambad lottery has now become an integral part of people’s lives, with colorful boards being used in every home.

The Dear Lottery main components are:

  1. There are 54 cards in all, each with a distinct artwork, a numeral, and the card’s name.
  2. Each participant will need a dining plank or many tables, as well as beans to label (cover) the tabletop.
  3. The 16 pictures of the stack of playing cards are spread in a 4 4 grid across the tables.

The game’s goals are as follows:

The main objective of the competition is to be something to complete a certain format that is put up at the beginning of the game. This is performed by the “screamer” selecting and separating the photos that make up the pattern in the player’s game.

The following are examples of standard templates:

  1. Table (all 16 photos / dots): complete / blank
  2. Line drawn horizontally
  3. Line that runs vertically
  4. Line that runs diagonally
  5. There are four corners.
  6. There are four in the middle.

Dear lottery Today results announced?

Yes, the results of a dear lottery are announced. Visit to get complete details of Dear lottery results in march 2022.

Is dear lottery legal?

Yes, It is legalized by the government of India in man territories and states.

How to win Dear lottery?

Join our telegram channel to win lucky dear lottery numbers.

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