Earn money by just walking

Do you like taking walks in your neighborhood? Doesn’t it offer you a chance to get some fresh air? However, if you’ve always been too lazy to go for a stroll, this one argument will persuade you to do so. Hear us out: you may earn money by walking. Yes, these free applications reward you for walking in the form of cash and other prizes. So go ahead and join up right now!

11 apps to earn money by just walking

Best apps to earn money by just walking

1. Lympo

Take a walk and enter to win amazing prizes such as Amazon gift cards and other items. You may earn LYM coins by performing daily activities and then spend them on sports items in the app! It’s almost as if you’re begging for money. Every day, take on new tasks, monitor your steps, and receive money after you’ve completed them. Share your accomplishments and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of free goods.


With the FIT Potato app, you can start recording your exercises and meals, evaluating your progress, and reaching your fitness goals, all while having your own Personal Coach at your fingertips. What’s more, guess what? By walking and working out with FitPotato, you may win amazing rewards. Every week at FitPotato, a cash prize pool of $1,000 is up for grabs.

3. SweatCoin(best app to earn money online)

SweatCoins, like Bitcoin, are digital currency that you may earn by walking or running. You may earn them by using a phone app that monitors your outdoor steps throughout the day and awards you 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) for every 1,000 steps you take.

4. Runtopia

 Runtopia GPS tracker is a treadmill exercise and marathon training software. The software may be used as a distance tracker, pacer, calorie counter, and even a heart rate monitor. It tracks your running, jogging, and aerobic workouts, which can be exchanged for merchandise, free memberships, discounts, and even PayPal cash.

5. PK Bonuses

PK Rewards will compensate you for not just walking but also for working out and exercising in general. So, essentially, you can earn with PK Rewards if you’re relocating. Simply open the PK Rewards app on your phone and tap the ‘Start Earning’ button to begin earning. Finish your walk on the app, and they’ll compute your time and effort for you. The more coins you earn, the harder you work. You may then exchange your coins for merchandise from Nike, Amazon, and other retailers.

6. LifeCoin 

Simply download the LifeCoin apps and begin walking to earn money. Because indoor steps are not tallied, you may earn LifeCoins by going outside. For every 1,000 steps taken, you will get one LifeCoin. SweatCoins and LifeCoins are digital currency.

7. Higi

Higi isn’t a stand-alone app. Instead, it works with a variety of gadgets and applications to convert exercise efforts into Higi points that can be redeemed for prizes. Earndit, a site that served the similar purpose, was purchased by the business (your account is transferable). You may join for free and connect your applications to have your points gained in their challenges immediately updated. The tasks may last for a week or a month.

Per mile (or a mile’s worth of daily steps), you get points. Points may also be earned by utilizing a Higi health monitoring station, which can be found at pharmacies. This monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, BMI, and body fat percentage.

At the conclusion of a challenge, points are converted into chances in a prize drawing. Points may also be used to earn incentives, such as discounts on health and fitness products. You may get extra points by enlisting the help of friends. Keep track of your scores and compare them to your friends to make it a fun social competition.

Fitbit, Nike+, Strava, RunKeeper, Omron, endomondo, Garmin, iHealth, Striiv, and Under Armour are just a few of the applications and devices that Higi connects to. It’s impossible to cheat the system by logging the same exercise on several apps or devices. It just awards you credit for the one with the greatest activity.

One disadvantage is that most of the incentives, such as a 20% discount on Garmin goods, need money to be redeemed. Higi sometimes provides charitable incentives, allowing you to contribute any unused points.

8. MapMyFitness

You may participate in challenges and earn chances to win prizes by using MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, or any of their associated MapMyFitness applications. Many Under Armour items, as well as those from other fitness-related businesses, are among the rewards.

This is a great benefit of utilizing these applications, even though you won’t earn actual money or guaranteed prizes. The applications may link to your Fitbit and phone sensors to monitor your activity throughout the day, or you can use GPS to track specific exercises.

9. Points for Improvement (U.K. and Europe)

For people in the United Kingdom, Poland, France, and Italy, the BetterPoints app provides incentives for walking and other physical activity. In such nations, you must keep track of your actions.

After enrolling, you choose a challenge and receive points or a ticket in a large-points lottery. The points may be exchanged for gift cards redeemable in the countries where they were obtained. The points may also be used to make charitable contributions to particular organizations.

10. FitFetti

You may have your steps sponsored by friends or even your company using the FitFetti app, or you can sponsor a loved one to become more active with the FitFetti app. This iOS software syncs your daily steps and active minutes with Apple Health or Fitbit. Sponsors may provide money in exchange for Amazon credits if you meet your weekly objective.

11. StepBet

With the StepBet app, you can wager real money on yourself to meet your step objectives. You have the option to win or lose. Fitbit, Garmin, or the health app on your phone monitor your steps.

The app calculates your step targets based on your past activity, including both regular active days and Power Days when you achieve a stretch goal. To share the pot, you must have four active days and two power days per week for the duration of the game time (typically six weeks).

You are out of the game and lose your money if you do not meet your weekly objectives after the first week. Each game time has a fixed sum that must be paid, which is typically $40. If they win, users claim to make a few dollars more than they bet. Because you have actual stakes in the game, this may be very motivating.

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