5 easy ways to make money on Instagram

Instagram is helping people to make money online as its top priority. A company’s first-ever creator weak in June 2021, Mark Zuckerberg said, “our goal is to be the best platform for creators like you to make a living online.”

There are five easy ways to make money online on Instagram:

1- post sponsored content by brands as an influencer.

2- sell other people’s products and be an affiliate marketer.

3- License photographs and videos.

4- become an entrepreneur of your brand.

5. Look for clients who can hire you as a freelancer

1-Post sponsored content by brands and as an influencer.

Being a content creator, you can partner with a brand to promote their products and services.

Instagram has issued some rules and regulations on sponsored content like promoting or supporting drugs and weapons. 

Your average revenue earned is usually determined by the number of followers you have on Instagram. I would recommend you to read the complete list of scenarios.

2- Sell other products and be an affiliate marketer

This method allows you to earn a commission for promoting other companies products and services. As a content creator, you can partner with brands or affiliate marketing networks like Commission Junction to promote various products and services relevant to your audience.

3-Sell Licensed photographs and videos

As a content creator, you can license your photographs and videos to select brands. If a brand chooses to use your photo or videos, they are obligated to pay you a fee to use them.

But this is a highly complex domain, and the recent policy changes that Instagram has made only complicate it further. The platform’s terms clearly state that they have a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use user’s content. This means Instagram has all the rights from the original content owner – aside from it is not an exclusive license.

4- Become an entrepreneur of your brand

If you have a product that you want to sell on Instagram, the platform allows you to set up a store. This requires you to create an Instagram business account and create a product catalogue. Once you have set up your product catalogue, you can promote it by making all your content shoppable. You can tag products on Instagram products on the Instagram surface. You can also organize products in different collections.

Look for clients who can hire you as a freelance Instagram isn’t only about sharing adorable pet pictures. Instagram has become a fantastic tool for networking, particularly for individuals in creative areas, since we passed the 1 billion active user mark. Professionals are increasingly using this site as an online portfolio.

You can use Instagram to get customers no matter what you do for a profession, whether you’re a filmmaker, ghostwriter, or public speaker.

Consider the following example:

Jing Wei is an artist who has worked with companies such as Etsy, Panda Express, and the New York Times, among others. Jing utilizes her Instagram page to showcase her newest works with her over 20k followers. Jing Wei painted the painting in cooperation with Shake Shack, and she shared the finished product on her Instagram account:

When individuals, like Jing Wei, use their Instagram profiles to promote their businesses, it’s understandable that they’d be interested in acquiring new customers. Furthermore, you may always utilize your Instagram bio to inform your followers that you’re looking for part-time work.

Additionally, you may be proactive and offer your services by finding an Instagram account that seems to be interested in collaborating with you and sliding into their DMs.

Al Falk, for example, is a web designer who utilizes this method to attract freelancing customers, and it works.

Overall, the key to success is to maintain credibility in your field, which is why it’s critical to display your work on Instagram and inform your followers that you’re available for new freelancing jobs.

How Much Can You Earn From Instagram?

Celebrities that use Instagram to make money may make a lot of money. In reality, the highest-paid social media influencers earn between $8,400 and $1.2 million for each post. Naturally, your earnings are determined by your reputation, amount of followers, and capacity to build your Instagram over time.

It’s critical to assess your engagement rate to evaluate your anticipated profits from your online presence and social networks. Why? Because engagement indicates that your audience is engaged, it’s no surprise that this measure strongly influences influencer fees and expenses.

Views and clicks are meaningless unless and until people take action.

The formula is straightforward: Divide the total number of likes and comments received each post by the total number of followers, then multiply by 100:

Instagram’s Engagement Rate Formula

There’s always space for growth, no matter what your engagement rate is. The primary concept is to identify your speciality and market your services to increase your revenue.

How to Make Money on Instagram: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to sell goods on Instagram?

Shoppable Posts allow you to sell goods on Instagram. However, to expand your sales channels, it’s essential to utilize an eCommerce platform in conjunction with Instagram. To get started, follow these steps:

1. Make an Instagram account for your company and convert it to a business profile.

2. Check to see whether you have a Facebook Page with a live product catalogue.

3. Make sure you’re selling tangible goods rather than services since services aren’t permitted.

4. Once you’ve been approved, you can start adding product tags to your articles. To do so, choose a picture to tag, tap on the product in the photo, input your catalogue’s product name, and click done.

Is it possible for me to earn money with 1,000 Instagram followers?

With 1,000 followers, you’re unlikely to earn a lot of money, but it’s still feasible. Brands usually pay anywhere from $10 to $500 per 1,000 followers, depending on your speciality and engagement level.

If you have 1,000 or more Instagram followers and want to earn money, you should consider combining your account with other marketing platforms.

You might, for example, use Instagram to learn how to create a blog and connect to your digital goods or affiliate marketing content. You may also use an eCommerce platform to sell goods on your website. While 1,000 followers won’t earn you a lot of money, omnichannel marketing techniques may help you increase your revenue from other channels.

How many Instagram followers do you need to earn money?

Depending on your business, the number of followers you need to earn money on Instagram varies. While you may make money whether you have 1,000 or a million followers, be sure to prioritize interaction.

Brands may find that micro-influencers with a large, engaged following are more valuable than superstars with millions of followers. Remember that businesses are looking for consumers to take leads, email sign-ups, and purchases, not simply impressions and views.

How can I quickly get Instagram followers?

There are numerous various methods for rapidly growing your Instagram and increasing your follower count. Here are a few of the best to sample:

1. Create an Instagram strategy depending on who you want to reach.

2. Write a well-thought-out bio and profile.

3. Keep your logo and colour palettes consistent.

4. Begin posting high-quality material and promoting it via other social media platforms.

5. Find appropriate hashtags using a hashtag tool and add up to 30 to each post.

6. Maintain a regular posting schedule.

7. To encourage people to follow you, run competitions, freebies, sweepstakes, and provide discount coupons.

8. Connect with other influencers in your field using influencer marketing tools and try to be featured on their accounts.

9. Invest in Instagram advertising to increase your following count.

10. Become an active member of Instagram groups related to your expertise.

What is the average number of Instagram followers?

While the number of followers varies greatly across accounts, the average is estimated to be about 150. Many reports have 100 followers or less, while others have millions of followers.

You may have fewer followers if you are an individual or a small company with a personal account. Rather than concentrating on vanity metrics, the goal is to keep an engaged and active audience.

How can you become Instagram sponsored?

Getting sponsored on Instagram takes a lot of time and effort and a consistent strategy to increase your following. Rather than companies approaching you, you’ll have to pitch for paid sponsorships most of the time. Here are a few pointers on how to become sponsored:

1. Establish your brand and get a thorough understanding of your target market.

2. Use hashtags and geotags in your posts regularly.

3. Include companies that are relevant to your niche in your articles.

4. In your bio, provide your contact information and connections.

5. Begin reaching out to potential sponsors and proposing paid sponsorships.

The Final Word.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks with the most incredible engagement, therefore making money on it is simple if you utilize it correctly. There are many innovative methods for anybody to earn money on Instagram, ranging from sponsored posts to social media marketing services.

Finally, investing time and effort in Instagram is a fantastic long-term investment. It’s never too late to get on board and start making money with your Instagram account.

To help you develop faster this year, check out my evaluations of the top social media management tools.


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