Top 10 games : garena free fire & pubg india
1 games : garena free fire & pubg india has recently reported that The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has banned 53 applications, including Garena Free Fire, from operating in the country.

The regulator said that the apps were either “spamming” users or were involved in “unauthorized access” to communications networks. This means that Garena Free Fire and other apps like it will no longer be available to download or use in India.

TRAI also ordered telecom operators to block the access of these apps. So, unfortunately, it looks like you won’t be able to play Garena Free Fire in India anymore. games : garena free fire & pubg india   

“Garena Free Fire, a mobile battle royale game, has been banned in India, the piehood and team has confirmed.

The game was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on Wednesday, and Garena has said that it is working with the Indian government to investigate the matter.

“We are working closely with the relevant government authorities to investigate the matter and Hope to get the game reinstated as soon as possible,” a Garena spokesperson said in a statement.”

This is the latest development in a long-running battle between Indian authorities and free-to-play mobile games. Earlier this year, the Indian government introduced a new set of rules that required all games with in-app purchases to disclose the odds of winning each prize.

Garena Free Fire is one of a number of games that failed to meet these new requirements, and it’s now been banned in India.”

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Why Garena Free Fire was Banned in India( games) games : garena free fire

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some possible reasons for why free fire might be banned in India could include concerns about potential game addiction, worries about children spending too much time on their devices, or fears that the game could be used to spread misinformation or propaganda.

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Some Highlighted reasons are below:

  1. Some people believe that Free Fire is too addictive and can lead to addiction and obsessive gaming behavior.
  2. Another possibility is that some people believe that the game is too violent and can lead to exposure to violent content at a young age.
  3. There is also a concern that Free Fire can be used to exploit children for commercial gain, as it is a free game that can be easily downloaded.

How can we Play Garena Free Fire After ban?

Garena Free Fire is a region-locked game and is not available in India. However, there are workarounds that can be used to get around the region lock and play the game in India. One such workaround is to use a VPN service to spoof your location and make it appear as if you are playing from a country where Garena Free Fire is available.

Follow the procedure to play the garena free fire:

1. Use a VPN to unblock the game in India.

2. Connect to a VPN server in a country where Garena Free Fire is not blocked.

3. Play the game as usual.

A quick overview of Garena Free Fire Game by games games : garena free fire & pubg india
Garena free fire India

Garena free fire is a mobile game developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PVT. LTD. The game is a survival shooter game in which the player is dropped into a wide, open area, and must survive by gathering resources and killing other players.

it was released for Android and iOS in October 2018, and for Microsoft Windows in November 2018. The game is a free-to-play game, but features in-game purchases.

In the game, up to 100 players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others. The last player or team alive wins the game.

How to play Garena free fire?

  1. First, you’ll need to install the game.
  2. Once you have installed the game, open it and sign in with your Facebook account or your Garena account.
  3. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the main menu.
  4. From the main menu, you can choose to join a game, create a game, or manage your account.
  5. click on the “JOIN” button and select the game you want to join.
  6. To create a game, click on the “CREATE” button and enter the game settings.
  7. Start managing your account, click on the “ACCOUNT” button and select the option you want to manage.

Garena Free Fire Max: Alternative of Garena Free Fire

Free Fire and Free Fire Max are two different games. Garena Free Fire is a mobile game that is published by Garena. It is a survival game that is set in a hostile environment. Players are dropped into a location and they must find weapons and gear to survive. The game also features a cooperative mode where players can work together to survive.

Free Fire headshot hack or free fire max is a modded version of Garena Free Fire. It features more weapons, gear, and skins. It also has a higher player cap of 100 players.

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Conclusion: There is no significant difference between Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max. They are both mobile-based, online multiplayer games that involve shooting opponents in a designated area in order to be the last one standing. The main difference is that Garena Free Fire needs a low memory space of 500-700 mb while Fire Max requires a higher memory space of about 1.5 GB.

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