Top 10 hidden facts about Ross labra personal life

Ross Labra is Esteban Loaiza’s girlfriend, who came into the limelight when they started dating. Labra has been dating the 50-year-old retired baseball player since 2013 and is currently engaged to him. Loaiza retired in 2008 and has since been coaching in the Mexican Baseball League. Loaiza has had a successful career, with a record of 243-166 and three All-Star appearances. Labra has been openly supportive of Loaiza and has been seen at games in Mexico.

Ross Labra Children’s and past life

Ross Labra is a divorced mother of two children in her personal life. However, no information about her past relationship has been released. Iris Mazon Labra is her daughter’s name, and Noel Mazon Labra is her son’s name. Around the year 2019, Ross began dating Esteban. The circumstances of their meeting are unknown. For two years, the pair has been together. They haven’t made many public declarations about their relationship. They have a house together in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Unknown facts about Ross Labra

  1. She has 2 kids and is a mother. She spent her time as a single mother to raise her children, and has now met with someone she can discuss her most private and mature experiences with.
  1. Despite the fact that she was the fiancée of a sports star for over two years, she has little in her existence that she has been unwilling to reveal. Even when she is not online, she is self-sufficient, does not reveal personal details, and does not pursue popularity or recognition.
  1. As in summer of 2021, she congratulated her father and brother on a happy Father’s Day, and she only had nice, loving, and words of encouragement for each one of them and her position in life. of the potato Her mother’s birthday fell on that day, but she only had kind words for her.
  1. She seems to have a college-aged girl and a boy who lives close to her sister. Ross Labra doesn’t say much about her kids, other than to say that she’s just a proud mama who will go to any length for her children. She clearly cares a lot with them with all she has, but she is clearly not a mother who recently received a new baby.
  1. Labra is active in social media and has a sizable following for a lady who is not well-known. She alone has over 11,000 followers, which indicates she might be considered an influencer if she pursues this path. To be honest, we have no idea what she does, and that she could go that way if she decided to.
  2. She exudes happiness with her innate attractiveness. Her grin, if it can be believed, does not appear forced or unpleasant, and she frequently expresses gratitude for numerous things on her Instagram page.
  1. She works in the fashion field in some capacity. That shouldn’t surprise, because she has the most gorgeous hair. She writes on her Instagram profile that she is Verenize certified and would give them that little something more for their hair or extensions.
  1. Ross Labra rose to prominence as the fiancée of Esteban Loaiza, a baseball pitcher.
  1. Around the year 2019, Ross began dating Esteban. The circumstances surrounding their meeting are unknown. For the past two years, the pair has been together.
  2. She looks to be dating Vicente Alvarez at the moment.
  1. Esteban’s wedding to Jenni Rivera was dubbed “wedding of the year” since it drew over 800 guests.
  1. She was detained in relation to legal issues, but after posting bail, she was freed in May 2019.
Children names

Noel Mazon Labra
Noel Mazon Labra
Iris Mazon LabraIris Mazon Labra is Ross Labra’s daughter, and she currently lives with her
Ross labra children’s name

Ross Labra Networth

Well, we didn’t know much about Ross Labra’s profession, but her boyfriend Esteban Loaiza’s net worth is believed to be $5 million dollars. His MLB earnings totaled over $44 million, but his luxurious lifestyle, costly gifts he liked to present for his family, and a slew of other frivolous expenditures wiped off most of his income.

Ross labra weight and age as of 2022

Although we didn’t know much about her physical characteristics yet, I will still be quick to make predictions and see if I was correct in predicting that Ross labra must be between 60kg and 67kg category, because she still maintains her “natural” slim appearance and looks adorable.

Ross labra’ Boyfriend Legal troubles:

  • He was detained for speeding in San Lorenzo, California, in 2006, but later charged with DUI upon failing a drug test.
  • Esteban Loaiza was detained in Tijuana in 2013 for consuming and grossly misrepresenting on public roadways. He settled his fine and was freed, but speculation that his tenure with the Red Devils baseball team of Mexico was coming to an end.
  • In the same year, he stated he was having a child with singer Cristina Eustace and launched a $35 million lawsuit against the aircraft owners in which Jenni perished. For various reasons, the Rivera family assaulted him. Ms. Eustace announced their separation in 2015, calling him a “liar” who “never had money and continually borrowing money.”
  • Christine claimed he neglected to pay child support, and a 23-year-old lady said she was expecting with his kid, although he claimed he was the father.
  • After being detained and accused of over 44 kg of heroin, Loaiza’s issues resumed in February 2018. He was freed after posting a $200,0000 bail and appeared in court on charges of drug possession, transportation, and/or sale. He was on supervision at the time, but after admitting guilt to all counts, he was sentenced to prison. He spent his final day with a free citizen on a San Diego beach.

Some facts about Esteban Loaiza

  1. Esteban Loaiza, the first wife, had quite a Cassanova existence. His purported relationship and failed marriage show that he is a playboy. Christina Teadora Varrasso, Loaiza’s wife, was married to him in October 1998. They divorced in October 2004.
  2. Loaiza afterwards began dating Ashley Esposito. Ashley was a 19-year-old babysitter for a colleague.
  3. Surprisingly, the romance began just weeks before he married Christina. Esteban lavished presents on the mistress.
  4. Sage Loaiza is the name of their kid. Their relationship began to deteriorate, but Ashley & Loaiza have provided excellent care for their kid.
  5. In 2010, Esteban married Jenni Rivera. Jenni was a singer, songwriter, actor, television producer, ambassador, businesswoman, and philanthropist who was Mexican-American.
  6. Jenni Rivera meet Esteban in 2008. Esteban was his third marriage, which is a fun fact.
  7. 800 people attended their wedding. As it was publicized on different television channels and magazine pages, this ceremony became known as the “wedding of the year.” They aren’t married and don’t have any kids together.
  8. Appearance on the show I Love Jenni.
  9. I Love Jenni, a Mexican-American reality TV show that premiered on March 5, 2011, was a fun fact.
  10. The show would depict Jenni-Rivera, Esteban Loaiza’s second wife and prominent Mexican-American singer, in her personal and professional life. Esteban made an appearance with his stepchildren on this episode.
  11. Esteban was eventually accused of being unfaithful to Jenni. Esteban and her stepdaughter, Janney Marn Rivera, AKA Chiquis Rivera, were rumored to have had an affair, although this hypothesis was never substantiated. People, though, continue to have reservations about Esteban. Jenni’s room had been cleared of six weeks of security camera footage.
  12. The marriage, however, did not endure. Later, in 2012, Esteban and Jenni filed for divorce.
  13. Cristina Eustace and I have a strained relationship.
  14. Esteban afterwards dated Cristina Eustace, a Mexican singer, from 2013 until 2016. Cristina, in reality, ended the relationship on her own. When their kid was just three months old, she made this action.
  15. Ross was, interestingly enough, Esteban’s sixth (and only) love. He has been dating her since 2018 and will continue to do so till the end of the year.
  16. Esteban Loaiza was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the Dominican Republic when he was 13 years old. He is now a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has been to the major leagues for 17 years.
  17. He has also played for the Texas Rangers, the Chicago White Sox, the New York Yankees, the Oakland Athletics, and has been with the Pirates since 2008.
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